Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Songhees Community Garden Pit Cook Oct 29th, 2010


On Oct 29th the Songhees Community Garden invite the whole communtiy to join together to celebate the success of the year, Halloween and highlight the new salmon smoker and how to do a traditional pit cook.

Sandy and Will George brothers worked together to prepare, organize and plan the event.  They worked with Geraldine, Ron and Norma.

For the Pit cook Sandy and Will dug the pit and Sandy and Jen collected and harvested the ferns and salal for the pit.

My name is Will.  I helped out with the traditional Pit Cook, me and my brother hosted it.   I also have worked as the Community Garden Leader for our New Songhees Garden.

This is Me, Sandy George.   I have been a youth leader for the Feasting for Change project for this last year.

This is Me, holding some Olichan grease from Northern BC.

This is Earl Claxton Jr who is always there to support learning around the old way and he is a good role model.

Getting ready to put everything in the pit. 

This is Linda Dick who is helping put the salal on the pit.   We had to put all the ingredients for the pit together in a mintue.

This is a picture of us having to put the tarp over the food and greenery and then shovel the earth on as fast we can to keep the heat and steam in.

Pit is in the ground, so we have 4 hours to wait.

Sandy wanted to do a Youth Fear Factor.    A event that challenges partipants with traditional and modern foods.   Sandy wanted to challenge them to drinking McDonalds.  Haha

Doesn't it look delicious!   How would you feel after drinking a cup of that?

Food Fear Factor - Seaweed, Olichans, broccoli, bean salad, olives, peppers, jalapenos and beans.   Participants had to eat this plate and then the first 4 winners moved on to round 2 of the McDonalds drink.   The winner won a IPOD shuffle.

When we we opened the pit, a good 'stink' went around in the air.  

The food was then pulled from the ground and we feasted on Salmon, the pit cooked veggies, smoked salmon, fried bread and more!  It was delicious!

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