Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SnawNawAs First Nation July 22nd

It was a gorgeous day in Snaw-naw-as when the community invited us back up to their land to celebrate in the 2nd Annual Feasting for Change Event.   Community Leader and Champion Vanessa Bob organized and supported the day.   There were many excited and motivated helpers on that day.  

Preparing the Fear Factyor this year which was blenderized McDonalds to show everyone how gross the food is and how you feel after eating it.   A quarter pounder with fries and a coke were put in the blender.

We started preparing the pit cook. Jake Bob took the lead with support from South Island friends Lewis Williams and Earl Claxton Jr.

We also prepared salads, clams, crab and bbq salmon. It was amazing.


This day was full of fun, laughter and great people. We learned how to play Lahal, how to pit cook, to bbq salmon, cook deer, cut and cook crabs and so much more. We thank the Snaw-naw-as community for their hearts and passion for youth, community and food.

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