Monday, September 26, 2011

SCIA'NEW Feast Aug 26th, 2011

On a beautiful and warm Aug day the SCIA'NEW First Nation, FFC, South Island Wellness and its talented and passionate communities members came together to feast.   Isabelle helped bring all of us together with her hard work and dedication, Evelyn cooked all week to have fresh bread, baking with no dairy or wheat, fish soup, salmon and more. Lorena, Julie engaged the young children in games while we waited for our dinner.  Pakki and Henry Chipps worked hard to prepare their yard for all 60 of us to see a traditional pit cook.   They shared with us their method and techniques in cooking food in a pit.  Chris and Henry cooked us salmon on the bbq and racks while Pakki took each 2 groups on a nature walk to view and learn about the plans of this area.   Many thanks to Chief Russ Chipps, Dominic Charles and others for all their support.

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