Monday, September 26, 2011

NEW FFC resources

The Feasting for Change project is currently creating some new resources

Resource 1: Development of Plant Learning Cards
Creation of a set of 66 different native plants local to the South Island area.  The Feasting for Change Plant Knowledge Cards were inspired by our many plant walks and discussions about edible and medicinal plants.
Bring them out on walks to help identify plants, their uses and keep the old ways strong. Much of the plants and knowledge within these cards is focused on the Coast Salish Territory, but is generally applicable to
wherever these plants are found. As such, many of these plants have more uses and more stories attached to them. Please use these cards  as an inspiration to talk to an Elder or Knowledge Keeper. An additional
note, not all of these plants are from pre-Contact eras. The plants are ones that are used currently by many people.  To be available soon.

Resource 2: Celebration Book
The Feasting for Change Celebration Book is almost complete and should be ready by June 2012.   It is a collection of the people, food, recipes, gifts and stories shared over the last 5 years of the program.   The book follows the seasons and shares tips, recipes and experiences eating these foods.

Resource 3: SENĆOŦEN Food and Language Videos
The Feasting for Change group is partnering wtih Saanich Adult Education Centre and the SENĆOŦEN apprentices.    5 videos have been created in SENĆOŦEN about local food and plant knowledge.  To be shared at a feast in October.

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