Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pacheedaht Feast September 2nd 2010

On a warm and sunny September day, the community invited Feasting For Change back out to their gorgeous beach front to celebrate the teachings of their ancestors especially the Pit cooking method that Ida Jones shared with Nancy Turner. Nancy has helped and support all of us in bringing this method back to the community.

Stacy, Carlson and Sandy have a rest before the work of putting the pit together.

The busy action of creating a pit. Many hands help get the greenery, food, and fish into the ground.

Closing up the pit and sealing the steam inside.

The Smelting demonstration begins.

Great Shot Sandy!

Baking Scow bread on the fire and also experimenting with baking bread in the sand

Stacy Jones closing the day after the nature walk and pit opening and reminding all of us of the importance of learing and respecting each of these opportunitites.
Many thanks Pacheedaht!

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