Thursday, September 23, 2010

GorgeWater Way Feast Aug 24rd, 2010

On August 24th 2010 the Gorge water Way Discover Centre, Feasting for Change and members of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nation came together to learn more about the territory, the land, food and culture of the KEMOTEN (the shortcut). The day focused on a Community Picnic and a variety of other activities:

  • A demonstration pit cook by Cheryl Bryce;
  • Delicious and beautifully presented pit cooked food
  • Baked Scow bread on sticks over the fire
  • Games of Lahal shared by August Thomas
  • Native plant planting by Township of Esquimalt arbourists and by attendees
  • Native vegetation walks led by Lewis Williams
  • Community mapping of special and meaningful places by UVIC Community Mapping Group
  • Information booths including a traditional medicinal tea table with Anna Spahan and Earl Claxton Jr


Busy at work, preparing the pit and meeting all the great people.



Anna and Isabelle our Elders who support us so much. Anna and Medicine Table.


Jen, Lewis and Ken our great champions



Sue and Fiona - a great team.



August Thomas sharing his knowledge and skills at Lahal. Putting the pit together!



The veggies for the pit.



The Greenery...



Baking the bread on the fire!



Invasive removal time and reintroduce native plants.






Lewis is sharing his knowledge!



Opening the pit!












Sandy and Carla...great work everyone! Thanks to Natalia and Carla for all your hard work!





















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