Monday, July 27, 2009

Snitcel Community Potluck

On Saturaday June 27th, in Snitcel a sacred place for the people of Saanich we gathered to celebrate. Snitcel is commonly known as Todd Inlet and is the place of the Blue Grouse. John Bradley Williams and Earl Claxton Jr have been working hard for many years to restore and preserve this part of thier traditional territory.
John Bradley asked to work with the Feasting for Change group to bring people out to this area to feast, learn and celebrate this wonderful place. He wanted this event to focus on food and the cultural food of all nationalities. People shared their salmon, local strawberries, german potatoes, homemade bread and jams, salads, eggs and many other favorite foods.
Over 60 people came and shared the day with us. We started the event with John Bradley guiding us in putting his first pit together. Many of the young people helped gather the fern and the salah for the pit. We packed root veggies, onions and fish into the pit. John Bradley then guided the group (20 people) on a nature walk.
Earl Claxton Jr shared with us his skills and knowledge around a salmon bbq. He showed us how to cut the fish, place it on the cooking sticks and how to bbq them slowly.
The day was full of stories, sharing and learning. HIWSKE

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