Monday, July 27, 2009

3rd Tsawout Seafood Festival

On June 7th 2009 the Tsawout First Nation celebrated their 3rd Annual Seafood Festival. The community joined forces to bring people together to celebrate their land, food and culture. The Feasting for Change working group were all invited to attend and share. The Vancity funding we have supported the pit cook. We also took an active role in helping put the pit cook together.

The celebration took place at TIXEN (Cordova Spit), it has been a very special place to the people for many generations. It is a place used for clam digging, crabbing, fishing, water sports, family gatherings, duck hunting, and medicinal plant gathering. TIXEN also acts as a home to a variety of rare plant and animal species – many of which are at risk in British Columbia. This type of Sand Dune ecosystem is very rare. Over 75% of all dune ecosystems remaining on eastern Vancouver Island can be found right here at TIXEN and along Island View Beach.

Coastal dune ecosystems are very fragile places. These areas are easily destroyed if not treated with respect. Tsawout is making efforts to protect the spit by placing cedar fencing so that 4x4’s vehicles stay off the area.

Seafood Festival Celebration Activities

· Salmon Ceremony (Giving thanks to XALS the Creator for the first salmon of the season)
· Traditional Pit Cook
· BBQ Salmon
· Sharing of variety of traditional seafood: crab, sea urchins, oysters, prawns, mussels
· Guided walks: medicinal plants, and native plants
· Clean up Crew to the spit.
· Talks about sea life, birds, animals in and around TIXEN and the Saanichton Bay.

The Tsawout Community thanked everyone celebrating this special place.

'By working together and learning about the land we can conserve this ecosystem for generations to come.'

A quote from their invitation read:

As John Elliot Sr. wisely said:
“We must all learn to follow the ways of our ancestors. If we bring back a deep respect for nature we can be an example to everyone and prevent our beautiful land from being destroyed”.

The main community contacts for this celebration are: Gwen Underwood or Dan Claxton at the Tsawout First Nation (250)652-9101.

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