Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scianew Feast June 5th, 2010

It was a glorious day in Scianew First Nation for the 2nd Annual Feasting For Change Event. The table was set highlighting the many knowledgable and skilled community members who make this beautiful community their home.

Evelyn and Isabelle are passionate community leaders who wanted to provide the youth with a day to connect and see the knowledge and experience that exists in their community.
The day was a casual with tables and interactive demonstrations. Below are some pictures highlighting the day.

Some of the Elders supporting the day and sharing with the youth. Thank you Lee, Burt and Anna.

Thanks to Evelyn and Henry we had some samples of some delicious foods. Roe, Crabs, Mussels and Clams. Delicious!

Tina and Isabelle sharing their new creation the COB Oven. Everyone got to make their own homemade pizza.

Having a snack!

The youth looking at all the history of their community. Evelyn brought archive pictures, many documents and history of the community. The youth were so interested in how the community used to look and how their ancestors used to use and access the land. By Canoe! Maps also showed the territorial lines along with modern day maps.

Earl Claxton Jr and Lewis Williams from Tsawout came out and shared their teachings as well. Lewis took 14 youth on a nature walk and Earl set up a cooking station for all the traditional food.

Darryl Barker making his famous bannock. He shared his baking skills with all of us. It was delicious.

Tina showing the youth how the cob over works and getting ready to cook the personal pizzas.

Narcess sharing his carvings. Amazing work!

Lewis getting ready to take the youth on a plant identification walk. Tina working hard getting the oven hot enough.

Isabelle and Eve sharing their knitting skills.

Many of Henry's Carving and Basket Grass from Jordan River. The many uses of Cedar and Grass used for art and ceremonial masks and Regalia.

Cedar Weaving - preparing the cedar after it has been stripped from the tree.

Henry and Earl getting the fire ready to smoke the food and bake the fish.

Preparing the fire and food.

Henry getting the fish ready.

Youth helping earl with the fire and digging a small pit.

The knitting station.

Some of Scianew history. Thanks to Evelyn for sharing all her great research and archives.

Youth learning more about where they have come from and the history of their home.

The beautiful Cob oven.

The purpose of the day was to have each community member set up an interactive display showcasing their knowledge, skills and abilities. Over 50 Adults, youth and children shared stories, skills and their passions.

The pictures above only capture some of the beautiful people and stories that were shared. We thank everyone for their time, knowledge, experience and resources.

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